The trail of my (computer) life

Regular CV

Pierre-Denis Cabrol

Early 80's : Birth in Toulouse.

Early 90's : I know what I will do later : It will be programming !

Early 2000 : I used to study computer science at Rangueil IUT and I discovered Linux and the world of open source. Then I started working at Teklinx which develops software for label printing (from barcode to RFTag).

I will stay there one year (temp worker contract) and despite a positive experience and a permanent position contract offer, I decided to leave because I wanted to to get back to studies to improve my programming skills and learn about projects management. Thus, I incorporated the EXIA (a CESI computer science school)

Early 2010 : I did my end-of-course internship at the SRAS (occupational health for construction industry) and get finally hired to develop a software for managing their members.
Sadly, that project was stopped by a 4x4 backing out of a parking spot while I was arriving on my motorcycle ^^

After several months in hospital (I had some fractures, my lung capacity has decreased and I get a recognition of handicapped worker status (RHWS) but happily no head trauma), I went back home, coding again.

I felt like this break will finally be a good opportunity to give back to the open source community which I feel linked to (also an occasion to get interested in many things which I wasn't aware of). Thus, was born.