My source codes

Because it is open and more efficient than the zip fomat, files are here compressed using 7z.
(To get it on a debian based linux just install p7zip or even p7zip-full package.
Under OS X you can install «The Unarchiver» from the App Store)

My main projects are mLsNTb, a music player with innovative functions and CiS4, a tiny script language.
Ez Manga Reader aka EZ Mr ! is a "manga scans" reader, as you probably guessed.

To get more details, move over the lines of the table below.

Project nameTypeSupported OSUsed Language(s)
EZ Manga readerApplication
Java Clock libLibrary

In the table above, «Supported OS» section shows which OS can theoretically compile and execute the source code; it doesn't mean binaries are provided.
Only linux binaries are systematically provided (for 64 bits only and if Tux (the penguin) appears in the «Supported OS» section, of course).
Anyway, Mac and linux binaries provided here are 64 bits. And Windows ones are 32 bits.

Md5sum files can be found there :
sources md5sum
binaries md5sum